My work speaks the universal language of the landscape; abstract pieces that resonate as familiar in some way. Each piece inherits a natural and organic tone that can only come from the natural patina process. I can manipulate, but not fully control this process, making each piece non replicable.  The beauty is in the backstory of each piece- metals from the earth, combined with minerals from that earth, that react with water and fire. Man manipulating nature. 


Nathan Fischer ‘s work took root during the early years spent at his father’s bronze sculpture foundry, the Monterey Sculpture Center. There, he learned the process of casting bronze sculpture for world renowned artists, along with the patina coloring process used in his work. He began exhibiting his early work in galleries in 2005 after receiving his BA in Art+Design.  Fischer is now a mid-career artist with a refined signature style.  His work is unique in that it combines the patina process used in bronze sculpture, with the qualities and tone of contemporary painting. 


Bonner David Gallery – Scottsdale, AZ

Witford – Los Angeles, CA

Christopher Hill Gallery – St. Helena, CA

Brett Wesley Gallery – Las Vegas, NV

Alison Corey Fine Art – Great Neck, NY 

Diana Ferrone Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Sausalito Art Festival- Sausalito, CA 

LA Art Show – Los Angeles, CA 

Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum – Phoenix, AZ